• How to Clean Laptop Screen?

    Laptops easily get smudges and stains even in case you don't have fussy children or pets around. Especially a notebook screen gets fingerprints and stripes on it pretty easily. Whether your computer keyboard has changed some muck or oil straight on to your screen, or dust was gathered for being left open for a very long time. The innovative laptop screens are more long-lasting and tasteful than their older equivalents. They are made to endure pressure, but fingerprints can leave spots and marks,…

  • Things to Consider When Buying a New Laptop

    Which laptop should I buy? There is no clear answer for this question because it depends on your needs what laptop would be fit for you. No matter your price range, there are too many different types of laptops to pick from. More importantly, there's no single best laptop since there isn't any single type of user. Other people care more about displays. You might care more about having a laptop that looks great than having one that may run graphically demanding games. You might not. When people a…

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